Me watching the Milky Way
Me photographing

When I started photographing in 2018, I had no idea what a flight it would take. It began when I stared at the milky way at night and tried to take a picture of it. That totally failed and I decided to figure out how this could be done properly.

Lit by this idea, I started to photograph nearly everything and let my creativity run freely. Now I usually start with an idea and work it out into an imaginary photo. Then I look for a suitable object and location, the ideal position, the best light, times, weather conditions and ultimately the frame. As soon as I have achieved a useful result, I process the image in such a way that it approaches my original idea as much as possible.

At the same time I try to keep my photography close to home. This encourages me to always look for the best conditions and to work on perfection.

I mainly want to use photography to express my vision on the choosen “subject”. Not necessarily to capture reality. I believe that photography and art should be meaningful for the viewer. With my work I hope to increase the awareness of the viewer in our environment. I would therefore like to challenge you to watch longer and experience the captured moment, as it were.

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